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The highest chance of getting a taxi coupled with a shorter waiting time when booking through Idowaz

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Our Different Rides

Idowaz Pool

Get the closest car or taxi to get where you're going faster.

Idowaz XL

Are you travelling in group? Enjoy this spacious ride for your journey.

Idowaz Executive

Travel in style and work as you travel.

Idowaz Luxurious

Enjoy a more spacious, comfortable ride for important business events and special occasions.

Idowaz Access (For disables)

Need a helping hand? Enjoy a safe ride that caters to your accessibility needs with Idowaz Access.

Idowaz E-bikes & E-scooter

Use our E-scooter or bike and get around quicker and faster.

Ride Sharing

Share a ride with someone and split the cost.

Make an order

  • 1 Launch the Idowaz app and select Taxi or Share

  • 2 Enter your pickup address

  • 3 Your destination address

  • 4 Calculate journey estimate

  • 5 Get a ride

  • 6 Arrived (journey completed and card charged.) Your receipt is sent to you via email or by text for your record.

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