Idowaz Carpool

Travel to your next destination by IdowazCarpool



We go everywhere. Literally thousands of destinations. No station required.



We take the time to get to know our members. All profiles and ratings are checked and IDs are properly verified, so you know who you're travelling with.


Get going faster

No need to trek across town, catch a ride leaving near your.

Go literally anywhere.

From anywhere.


With access to millions of journeys, you can quickly find people nearby travelling your way.


Enter your exact address to find the perfect ride. Choose who you'd like to travel with and book!


Get to your extact destinations, without the hassle. No queues. No waiting around.

How does carpooling work?

1. Find a ride

Just say where you’re heading to, where you’re leaving from and when. Then pick a ride that works for you! If you need more info, you can message drivers before booking.

Check out drivers' profiles! You’ll see what others say about travelling with them. Read more about Trust & Safety.

2. Book and pay online

Tap book and pay for your seat. Once you do, you’ll have the driver’s phone number to get in touch.

If a driver cancels, we’ll refund you according to our cancellation policy.

3. Travel together

Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to leave a rating on the APP!

Leaving a rating means you’re more likely to have one left for you!

4. How do I cancel my carpool ride?

If you have a change of plans, you can always cancel your carpool ride from the ‘Your rides’ section of our App. The sooner you cancel, the better. That way the driver has time to accept new passengers. The amount of your refund will depend on how far in advance you cancel. If you cancel more than 24 hours before departure, for example, you’ll receive a full refund, excluding any service fees, but if you cancel less than 24 hours before departure, you’ll not be refunded.


Have empty seats?


1. Offer a ride

Just say where you’re going, where you’d like to pick up and drop off passengers and when.

Idowaz! Choose from our suggestions for popular places to pick up and drop off passengers. It makes things easier for everyone!

2. Your passengers book and pay online

When a passenger books a seat with you, we’ll share their phone number in case you need to get in touch.

Idowaz! You can check out the details of your ride and passengers anytime.

3. Travel together-

Share stories, tunes or just a quiet ride with other travellers.

Idowaz! Add a photo of your car, it’ll help passengers find you on the day of the ride.

4. Get your money

We’ll send you your money after the ride to the bank or PayPal account of your choice.

Idowaz! You’ll get your money 1-5 weekdays (excluding weekends and holidays) after we send it.

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